Hello folks, today we are going to review one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia. This mountain can be found in one of the provinces of Indonesia, East Java. This mountain, which has an altitude of 2,329 m above sea level, and is located, surrounded by four regencies, namely the Probolinggo Regency, Pasuruan Regency, Lumajang Regency, and Malang Regency. Mount Bromo is famous as the main tourist attraction in East Java, Mount Bromo is very famous among mountain climbers because of its very beautiful scenery, various tourist objects, and terrain that is not too difficult for climbers to get to the top of Mount Bromo.


By reason of the fact that access to Mount Bromo is easy and the terrain we cross to arrive at the top of Mount Bromo is not too difficult, it can even be crossed with family and friends. Mount Bromo has tourist facilities and attractions that should not be missed. Mount Bromo also has a jeep and horse rental place that you can rent to get around the Mount Bromo area.

Tourist Attraction


Penanjakan 1 is the best location to watch the sunrise. This location is the highest among the rest of the hills. In this place, you can look at a very beautiful sunrise accompanied by a beautiful crater that is always covered with fog in the blind morning. To be able to visit this climbing site 1, you must rent a jeep or motorcycle, but due to the challenging terrain, it is better to choose a jeep to visit it because it is safer than a motorcycle.


Penanjakan 2 is the second place where you can see the view of the sunrise, even if this place is still not lower than Penanjakan 1 but the access to this place is very easy, the ground is not too difficult to pass. The spot Penanjakan 2 can be accessed from Probolinggo Regency. Guaranteed even if it is the second option, this place offers a beauty that is no less than the climbing site 1 of Mont Bromo.


The crater of Mount Bromo is also one of the natural beauties which you can visit on this mountain. But to enjoy this crater you have to travel 2 kilometers on foot and also hundreds of stairs that you have to pass. But take it easy, walking is not the only way you can get to the bottom of Mount Bromo. You can also rent a horse to get to the bottom of Mount Bromo. Under-Mount Bromo you can enjoy a beautiful view of the crater of Mount Bromo by horse riding around the crater.


Before arriving at the crater of Mount Bromo, you will be greeted with a fairly wide stretch of sand. This stretch of sand is named "whispering sand". The area is quite wide, you can easily take the best spots to take pictures. In addition, in this area, you can enjoy other activities, such as riding a trail bike, horse riding, and many more. The location is to the east of the peak of Bromo.


Also in the sandy region of Bromo, there is one of the best places you can visit, namely Pura Luhur Poten. The temple here is a place of worship for local residents who embrace Hinduism. No wonder when the Nyepi celebration arrives, this area is always enlivened by visits of local residents who wish to worship there. Usually, the Bromo Tengger National Park area is also closed for the convenience of residents who want to carry out their worship in this temple.


Bromo tourism object is a favorite place for tourists. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo with a row of green hills. this area is also the best photo spot. The hill is filled with very beautiful green grass. Even the grass here is so preserved that it looks so neat. So, when visiting the Bromo Tengger area, don't miss this one tourist spot.


After seeing the unique beauty of Mount Bromo with its rising sun, it is nothing wrong to visit 'Ngedas Village'. This village is a residential area to the native Tengger tribe. The location is in the Puncokusumo District area. Even if it resembles a village in general, when you come to mingle with the surrounding community, you will feel the traditions of the Tengger tribe that are still preserved until now. Not only local tourists but also many foreign tourists who take the time to stop through this village.



There is much transportation that you can access on Mount Bromo, such as motorbikes, jeeps, and horses. This transportation is one of the factors that make tourists feel at home and want to visit Mount Bromo again. With this transportation facility, it will help you in traveling to tourist attractions in Mount Bromo.


There are enough public toilets available to cope with the buildup of tourists. Like other public toilets, everything here is kept clean and there is no need to worry about water shortages because clean water sources are very abundant. It's good, before climbing you stop by to the toilet to facilitate the next trip.


Mount Bromo tourism is indeed one of the tourist objects visited by many local and foreign tourists. As souvenirs, you can get them easily, because the natives provide a variety of typical Bromo souvenirs that can be used as gifts for people you love.


Mount Bromo is open 24 hours. You should choose a month where the weather is still bright so that the climb will run smoothly. Meanwhile, ticket prices on a day are usually priced at IDR 27,500 / person. The weekend ticket price is IDR 32,500. The price is very cheap for the unforgettable appearance of natural charm.

The destinations available in Indonesia are very varied. You can choose any location you like to shed all your worries. Mount Bromo is the most important part that must be tried for seekers of natural pleasure that is second to none.