Note! Here are The Best Tourism Destination in Banyumas

Geographically, Central Java generally has many active mountains, including Banyumas which is located at the foot of the active Mount Slamet which has a height of 3,400 meters above sea level. This location brings its own tourism value for Banyumas because the mount contains the natural potential to support and serve the main attraction for tourism.

Also, regarding the nickname for this city, the city of a thousand waterfalls (curug), simply because it has many waterfalls. The potential of natural tourism does not need to be doubted, but it turns out that Banyumas also has advantages in the cultural tourism sector! Complete, right?

Here are tourist destinations which are summarized as a list of The Best Tourism Destination in Banyumas.

1. Baturraden

For residents and tourists who have visited Banyumas, Baturraden is a mandatory tourism destination. The location is about 14 km from downtown Banyumas. In Baturraden, there are interesting natural objects such as quiet valleys, mountain scenery and natural theatres, as well as other attractions such as swimming pools and playgrounds. Everything you can enjoy is only with IDR14000 (less than 1.5 USD) entrance ticket with opening hours 8.00 am-17.00 pm.

If the weather is good, the beaches of Cilacap and Nusa Kambangan can be seen from Baturraden. You can also feel the air of Baturraden, which is very cold because it is located at the foot of the mountain. Make sure you bring enough clothes to be able to enjoy the scenery here.

2. Pancuran Tiga

Pancuran Tiga or Pancuran Telu (in the Javanese language) is a waterfall consisting of sulfur that flows directly from Mount Slamet. The surrounding scenery is also beautiful; many tourists visit it to enjoy the warmth of sulfur water or even for bathing because sulfur water is beneficial for treatments such as bone pain and other skin diseases such as phlegm and acne.

It will be a shame to miss this place while visiting Banyumas. The location is only 2.5 km from Baturraden, so if you are tired after walking and taking pictures, you can go straight here. The entry ticket price is also only IDR5,000, (0.5 USD) and you can enjoy starting from 8.00 am-18.00 pm.

3. Telaga Sunyi

Telaga Sunyi located 3 kilometers from the gate of Baturraden Wana Tourism towards the east. This lake is located in a lush pine and resin forests, so the beautiful scenery is worth the time you spend to get there. This lake is equipped with a small and beautiful sea blue colored waterfall, complete with the surrounding forest.

Don't worry, there is a comfortable hotel called Banyumas Commercial Tourist Hotel near Baturraden, so you don't need to rush if you want to enjoy a holiday in Banyumas. Also, note that the operational hour of the lake is from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

4. Goa Maria

Goa Maria is a cave located in the hills in Kaliiori village, Kalibagor sub-district and is about 14 km east of Banyumas City. Banyumas Christian activists initiated this religious tourism object. The local government also responded by developing facilities such as the Queen of Heaven Chapel, Road of the Cross, the Living Rosary Park, and the Maria Imakulata Retreat House with a capacity of 150 people. Goa Maria is currently the best place of pilgrimage for Christians in Indonesia. Moreover, this attraction is free of charge and is open from 8.00 am -4.00 pm. Don't miss this place if you go to Banyumas!

5. Museum of the General Commander of General Sudirman

In addition to natural attractions, of course, cultural and historical tourism destinations are also summarized in the list of the best tourism destination in Banyumas. Banyumas is also known as a hometown of Commander-in-Chief General Sudirman, so a museum was created to appreciate his struggle. This museum is located in the west of the city of Banyumas and is about 3 km from the city center, with operating hours from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm.

The museum consists of two floors. The first floor contains dioramas, photographs and duplicates of the great commander's legacy. On the second floor, there is a historical relief of Indonesia during the 1945 War of Independence and relief of the great commander General Sudirman.

6. Rempoah Sunflower Garden

Located in Dusun II, Rempoah, Baturraden, Banyumas Regency, Rempoah Sunflower Garden is open at 8.00 am - 5.00 pm and you can enjoy the colorful and bright sunflowers and marigolds. It is the best place for a photo site, especially for couples. With the beautiful scenery around it, it has many interesting photo spots. Remember not to damage the flower while taking photos.

Curug Cipendok

Curug Cipendok has 92 meter tall and located in Desa KarangTengah, Kecamatan Cilongok, Kabupaten Banyumas, Provinsi Jawa Tengah. On the way to go the waterfall, many freshmilk and mendoan sellers. You can try to taste the snack and fresh milk in the warung (warung mean traditional market or shop, warung sell snack and everything you need) near the home residents. There are outbond facility<, jogging track, jungle tracking, campsite, cottage.

Curug Nangga

Curug Nangga or Nangga Waterfall is waterfall located in Desa Petahunan, Kecamatan Pekuncen, Kabupaten Banyumas. Curug Nangga populer since 2015 from the social media influence. Uniqueness of this waterfall is has multi step or seven grade of the waterfall like stairs. The waterfall has a height that varies from 10 to 20 meters and in total has 70 meters high

Watu Meja Hill

Bukit Watu Meja is located in Jalan Raya Patikraja - Kebasen (Patikraja-Kebasen Street), Dusun Tumiyang Kidul, Kelurahan Tumiyang, Kec. Kebasen, Kabupaten Banyumas, Jawa Tengah Province. To go Bukit Watu Meja you will enter the plantations and pine forests. On the top of the hill, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Mount Slamet, and the Serayu River, the train bridge, and the beautiful hills, valleys, views.

Curug Jumeneng

Curug Jumeneng is located in Karangsalam, Baturraden. You can view the beauty of the waterfall here. You do not have direct access to the waterfall. To go to this waterfall you can access it from the Curug Telu (Telu waterfall) gate and go to the west enter the countryside and plantation with rugged roads. After finding the irrigation channel, follow this path to the Dam. and after 100 meters from the dam you will see the Jumeneng waterfall.

Curug Lima

This waterfall is located in Baseh village, Kecamatan Kedung Banteng, Kabupaten Banyumas. This waterfall is located in the middle of a forest and makes the waterfall beautiful. You can sit on the stone and enjoy the atmosphere of the waterfall. To go to this waterfall, you can rent a guide on the entrance.

Curug Jenggala

Curug Jenggala is 30 meters high waterfall. Curug Jenggala has 3 waterfalls and the center waterfall has the heaviest water currents. This waterfall located in Dusun Kalipagu, Desa Ketenger, Kecamatan, Baturraden, Kabupaten Banyumas, Jawa Tengah Province.

Intrigued by the beauty of The Best Tourism Destination in Banyumas, that can refresh the heart and mind? You can record the places above as a list of tourism destinations with your family.