My vacation in Blitar, visiting the graveyard of first Indonesian president

Dr. Ir. H. Soekarno Grave located on Slamet Riyadi Street, Bendogerit Village, Sunan Wetan district and only 2 kilometers from Blitar City. And yesterday, I visit Blitar using a train. If you are same like me, from Blitar railway station you exit from there, and you can see several light vehicles called Angling Blitar. Only 2.5 US dollar you paid the Angling driver to go to Ir. Soekarno tomb. And we spend 15 minutes to go to Ir. Soekarno Graveyard.

Flower Seller and Historical Photos Related to Ir.Soekarno Tomb

After you arrive there, many flower seller offering you a plastic of flower with cheap price, only 0.5 US dollar. Why you must buy a flower? because you should sprinkling flowers to the Ir. Soekarno Tomb. And at the entrance gate, you can see Ir. Soekarno Statue that reading a book. On the left of the statue you enter a Museum, and there you will see many pictures or historical photos related to Ir. Soekarno when visiting many countries around the world, like Hungaria, Mexico, Denmark, USA, China, Ceko, India, Arab and another country. And many Photos about the struggle for Indonesian independence.

After visiting the museum, you can go out and you can see the history of Soekarno on the right side of the statue. You can read about When Soekarno born, where he exiled and jailed by the Netherlands, and his struggle for Indonesian Independence. After reading that you can continue to the Ir. Soekarno Tomb. Just go straight through the statue.

Before entering the Graveyard gate, you will see the Souvenirs seller. The souvenirs are about Ir. Soekarno or Blitar City. and ice-cream seller. The ice cream called Dop Ice, the price of Dop ice is only 0.5 US dollar. I try the ice cream and it's very delicious ice cream. After that, you can enter the stairs and go to the locket to register as a visitor before going to the graveyard and there you will get a ticket, the ticket price only 0.2 US dollar. And give the ticket before you enter the graveyard gate.

Mosque Near Ir. Soekarno Grave

Near the grave, you can see a Mosque. Go straight and you will see Ir. Soekarno Grave. You should take a picture but don't so close to the tomb because many peoples pray or pilgrimage there. You also can pray too near the grave.

After pray, I enter the exit gate and go out. On the outside of the graveyard, many culinary you can try like Bakso, and traditional food. And it's the only a short story when I visit Ir. Soekarno Graveyard. And after buying Bakso. I continue to go back to my home by train again. Okay I will share many interesting places around Indonesia next time!

Quote of President Soekarno :

The translate of that image above is "We that not Communist, we not on the communist side or another one side. We only on the unity side of Indonesia, for companionship and all of our movement" that words written by Ir. Soekarno in a book, titled Nasionalisme, Islamisme, dan Marxisme, 1926